chandrabu naidu-singapore minister eswaranAndhra Pradesh government is in a huge disappointment with the first bid of Amaravati development submitted by a consortium of Singapore companies. They have proposed to invest 300 Crore as central amount (may raise loans later) but wants General Power of attorney on 4000 acres. Loans will be raised by keeping the lands as lieu.

They also asked for complete authority in the development including the decision of deciding rates and selling rights with out any control or influence of the state government. They also put up a clause that the companies coming in their land should not have their competitors in 25 square kilometers.

The worse is yet to come. They have imposed a condition that farmers who have given lands for the capital, should be given their developed plots outside the core capital region. They also said that the development of the land allotted to them will take 25-30 years. Andhra Pradesh government rejected the proposal outright and asked them to come up with fresh proposal.