cbn-eswaran-AP-capital master planSingapore Experts Team which prepared the Master Capital Plan of Amaravathi submitted it a short while ago to the government. The Seed Capital plan will be given in July for the works to begin during Dussehra. In the media interaction later, Singapore Industries Minister Eshwaran clarified that Singapore companies will participate in the Capital construction

“currently we have agreed for the planning part and we are doing it according to the expectations of the state government and the people. This is just a blue print which has to be implemented. Once Andhra Pradesh government calls for the Developer through its Standard Procedure. Some of our (Singapore government) companies will participate in the processes in most transparent way”, Eshwaran told the media.

Eshwaran’s reply indicates that Singapore government is not expecting any favours for giving the Master Plan and its participation in the Capital construction will be purely on merit basis according to the standards prescribed by the state government.