AIIMS-MangalagiriAll Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) was allocated to Andhra Pradesh as a part of the Reorganization act. The construction started in 2015 in Mangalagiri and the AIIMS partially started operations.

But then, Andhra Pradesh Government’s attitude is hampering the expansion of services. The state government is not even supplying water to AIIMS.

AIIMS needs 5-10 Lakh liters of water per day but the local municipality is able to supply only 2-3 Lakh liters per day. AIIMS is spending 5 Lakh Rupees per month to arrange tankers.

AIIMS is writing letters to the Government for at least another 3 Lakh liters of water. But the state government is insisting on hefty payment for this additional allocation. The payments will amount to another 10 Lakh Rupees per month.

Union Minister himself wrote a letter directly to the Chief Minister to look into the issue but nothing concrete had happened. The only solution for this problem is supplying water directly through pipelines but the state government is not thinking on that lines for now.