Silly Defense Of YCP On Price Hikes!Andhra Pradesh Government has hiked RTC charges the other day. Only a few days back, the Government has hiked power charges as well.

Naturally when a Government does that people will feel the pinch and the Opposition will criticize. The Government should dodge the issue or convince people about why a hike became imminent.

But YSR Congress is not doing either. The party leaders and cadre have been attacking the media and the Opposition for not being critical of similar price hikes in Telangana.

They say Telangana Government charges even more and increased the prices more times than them. But then, they should question themselves if these allegations are legit.

What does the Opposition in AP get anything to do with the prices in Telangana? How does it matter to the people of Andhra if Telangana rates are higher?

People pay out of their pockets and do not feel satisfied with paying less than the other state. In fact, people do compare with others who the prices are lowered there.

That is a natural human tendency not just in AP but anywhere in the World. YSR Congress should come up with better arguments in such instances or they will appear hollow to the people.