YS_Jagan_YS_Avinash_ReddyKadapa MP Avinash Reddy will report to the CBI questioning once again today in Hyderabad. Sensing a possible arrest, Avinash also approached the Telangana High Court to give orders to CBI preventing any extreme action (arrest).

CBI claims to have credible evidence that Avinash Reddy has prior information about the murder and also tried to erase the evidence. We will have to see what the court decides.

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But if Avinash Reddy is arrested, should Jagan Resign taking the moral responsibility?

Right from the day one, there are several doubts about the case. Even though Viveka is seen in a pool of blood with marks of hit with an axe on forehead, we have seen leaders like Vijayasai Reddy saying he died of heart attack.

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Jagan tried to derive political mileage by alleging TDP’s role in the murder. He did not refer the case to the CBI and Viveka’s daughter herself alleged the case getting diluted in Jagan’s rule.

In the state assembly, Jagan supported Avinash Reddy saying why would an eye damage another eye?

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We have seen some one like Sajjala making allegations on Viveka’s daughter herself and even assassinate Viveka’s character by referring to his second marriage etc.

After all this, if CBI is arrested, there will be demands that Jagan should resign for trying to save Avinash in this case. But we all know that will not happen.