Should Handle Chandrababu And Sharmila Differently!There are some people who think Sharmila’s party is making moves in Telangana politics to benefit TRS. While it can not be proved, there should be a discussion about how KCR should handle Sharmila’s party (provided they are not really in terms).

TRS was able to decimate TDP in Telangana dubbing it as Andhra and Kamma party. But then, the same tactics may not work with Sharmila. Anti-Andhra sentiment is losing its steam in Telangana. It is no longer a reliable plank for KCR.

At the same time, community bashing like in the case of TDP will not help as well. The community bashing may boomerang as Reddys are powerful and Christian population is significant in Telangana. So, there should be a different approach for Sharmila.

But then, as things stand today, Sharmila’s party is not much influential in Telangana politics and so, KCR need not worry about how to handle the party. But he has to when or if things come to that stage.