Shortterm Success Vs Longterm Danger: What Is Chandrababu's Choice?YSR Congress Rebel MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju announced resigning and will be going for a By-election there after. In all probability, Raghu Rama will be joining BJP and will be the Saffron party’s candidate. RRR is a cash bag and has decent influence on the constituency.

He will be backed by the influential Kshatriya community in the By-election. If TDP and Janasena supports him on the name of ‘Amaravati Single Agenda’ as the capital. He is likely to win easily. TDP is strong in the constituency. If defeating Jagan is the goal, that should be an easy choice for Chandrababu.

But that is only short term success. In the long run, that means making BJP a formidable force in AP Politics and get troubled later. Even without anything, BJP is already trying to kill TDP. If BJP manages to win a Parliamentary constituency By-election, it will be even more emboldened.

So, it is going to be short term success Vs Longterm danger for Chandrababu Naidu. The first option will be tempting for a leader in the Opposition. But Naidu should make the choice carefully. If RRR joins TDP, the Cycle party will have to fight the Ruling Party’s advantage and aggression.