Scariest_Gunpoint_Robbery_of_Indian_In_U.S.Last week, a jewellery store in New York, owned by an Indian American was robbed by a gang of thieves and this incident shook the internet. Now, an Indian American was robbed at gun point in broad daylight and a shocking video of the incident is going viral. The incident took place at San Jose, California.

In the video, which was captured from the dashcam of the car owned by the victim’s wife, it can be seen the victim being robbed at gun point.

As revealed by the victim, an Indian American, he and his son were held hostage by 5-6 robbers who ransacked the house, withdrew the daily transaction limit from the debit card, and also tried to force him into withdrawing more cash from the bank by holding his son hostage in the house. The attempt wasn’t successful as the bank was closed.

The victim stated that the robbers climbed the side fence and opened the window in the patio to enter the house.

“My wife arrived at the only point of saving us when they were parked in our garage, as soon as the garage door opened, my wife noticed the suspicious car and immediately called 911.

While this was happenning they forced me to convince my wife to come into the home without making noise, but my wife kept honking wildly, then they tried holding me at gunpoint, but there were sirens of emergency/cop cars in the background which scared them and they immediately took off in their vehicle.” The victim stated.

After an ordeal of 2 hours, the incident ended leaving us traumatized, we weren’t harmed physically. Law enforcement arrived, but couldn’t nab them, they collected evidence and haven’t had an update from them. My ring cameras recorded a bunch of videos, but the robbers were all masked. The statement further added.