Shocking! US Movie Theater Turns Into Gun Shooting ArenaOn Tuesday night, one person was injured by gunfire inside a movie theater in Oakdale.

The Police Department said around 10 PM, officers were informed about a gun firing inside the Marcus Oakdale Cinema on Hadley Avenue North near Highway 36.

They found a 23-year-old Hugo man injured inside one of the theaters. The victim was taken to Regions Hospital, where he underwent surgery and is expected to recover soon. The cops believe that this is not a random act.

There have been many instances of gun violence in the US, but most of them have been at shopping malls, schools, highways, etc. This seems to be the first time when gun firing has happened inside a movie theater which is assumed to be a safe place.

Movie theaters are for entertainment, and there are a lot of security checkups before one lands inside a cinema hall. But this gun firing incident proves the security lapses as well inside the cinemas.

Recently, the US government, under the leadership of Biden, has passed a new stricter arms law. But it looks like nothing much has changed, and the US population continues to live under the dark threat of gun violence anytime and anywhere.