Shocking Survey - Andhra Pradesh Performing Really BadThe popular media group, India Today has conducted a survey called ‘State of States 2021’ which rates states based on the performance on various factors. It looks like Andhra Pradesh is struggling in many important areas which should be a serious concern.

In the Most Improved Big States Overall category, Andhra Pradesh is ranked sixth in 2021. The state is ranked second in 2019 and 2020 in the same category. In Best Performing Big States Law and Order, Andhra Pradesh is shockingly at 12th place. Telangana is even worse at 13th.

Andhra Pradesh which is said to be the Rice Bowl of India is struggling in Agriculture as well. The state is ranked 12th on the list. Telangana, with its exceptional performance, is ranked second. This should be a serious concern for AP being an agriculture-based economy.

The State is at the bottom of the table in ‘Most Improved Big States Governance’, Andhra Pradesh is ranked eighteenth in the list. It was the seventeenth of last year. AP has ranked fourth (2018) and eighth (2019) during Chandrababu’s regime (2019 is again partly Jagan’s rule). If the survey is any indication, Jagan Mohan Reddy should set the house in order immediately on many fronts.
Shocking Survey: Andhra Pradesh Performing Really Bad