Shocking -Potential President Rodrigo Duterte Wanted to Rape a BeautyA candidate, who is one of the forerunners for the President post of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte said he wanted to be the first one to have raped the beautiful Australian lay minister, who was held captivity and then gang raped by the prison inmates during a riot.

All this happened way back in 1989 when Duterte had been serving as the Mayor of the Davao City during his first tenure as the Mayor. A riot broke out in the city prison and this beautiful woman was taken prisoner by the captors and then brutally gang raped and later murdered.

During his one of the recent election speeches, Duterte referred to the tragic incident and remembered how he felt when he saw the Australian lay minister’s face which looked more beautiful than an American actress. He said, he should have been the first for her.

This naturally invited huge uproar throughout the country and also from his co-contenders for the post of the President of the country. Taking rape as a joke is condemned by one and all. Now Duterte is trying to defend himself by saying he didn’t mean it as a joke and those comments were only contextual.