Shocking: Joint Collector Falls On The Feet Of AP MinisterIn Vizianagaram, an IAS officer touched the feet of Minister Botsa Satyanarayana and the issue has become sensational. On Saturday, Joint Collector went to Minister Botsa Satyanarayana to wish him a Happy New Year.

The Daffedar (the person who stands behind him in wearing a white uniform) behind him traditionally greeted with folded hands. But JC went overboard by touching the minister’s feet. This act of the JC has become controversial. “It is the falling standards and level of Bureaucrats. They have become sycophants of those in power,” people on social media are criticizing.

TDP National General Secretary Varla Ramaiah took to Twitter to criticize the act. “An IAS officer falling at the feet of a politician is an insult to the entire regime. Doesn’t this incident reflect the fact that the entire district administration is under the feet of Minister Botsa?,” he questioned.

He decried what signals the JC and the minister wanted to give to the people of the state through such actions. “Should this not be condemned by the IAS officers’ association?” he asked.