Dogs_Kill_4Yr_Kid_HyderabadIn a shocking incident, a 4 year old kid was mauled to death by a few street dogs in the Ambarpet area of Hyderabad.

Going into the story, Gangadhar, a Nizamabad resident came to Hyderabad four years ago in search of work. He has a four year old son named Pradeep.

With yesterday being Sunday, Gangadhar took his two kids to the service Center where he works at. This is when Pradeep went out to play on the road, which seemed all empty at first, while Gangadhar was deeply involved in his work.

But all of a sudden, a pack of street dogs started attacking the 4 year old kid. He panicked and started running towards the service center. But the dogs hunt him and maul his fragile body. We also see bloodshed in a related video.

Only after a while, Gangadhar notices his 4 year old son being mauled by street dogs and he runs towards him. But the damage had been done already and Pradeep suffered severe blood loss. He was pronounced dead after reaching a nearby hospital.

Videos of the dogs attacking the 4 year old kid are now going viral on social media. A few netizens are furious with the father for leaving his son unattended on the main road, and a few others criticise the GHMC for not taking evasive against the street dogs that are running riots on roads everywhere.