Shocking-Crime-Girl-Body-Chopped-Into-35-PiecesIn a shocking news, a Delhi girl named Shraddha was strangled by her live-in partner, Aftab Ameen Poonawalla, and later, her body was chopped into 35 pieces by the accused.

Going into the story, Shraddha and Poonawalla eloped recently and have been in a live-in relationship in the Mehrauli area of Delhi after the former’s family disapproved of their relationship.

26-year-old Shraddha had stopped responding to her family’s calls of late. Her father then came to Mehrauli to check on his daughter and after finding the room the young couple were living in was locked, he filed a police complaint.

The police then arrested Poonawalla and started investigating about the disappearance of Shraddha. The accused then revealed that he strangled Shraddha to death.

What’s more shocking is that the accused revealed that he chopped Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces and disposed them on 18 different days across Delhi. He used to carry the human remains and dispose them at midnight 2 AM across the city.

He revealed that Shraddha started to ask him to marry her and that’s why he committed the crime. The murder weapon is yet to be recovered.