SHOCKING: BJP forced TDP out of NDA to Stop Polavaram?Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Dharmendra Pradhan has made a sensational claim. He refused the claims of the other parties in Odisha that the BJP was soft towards Andhra Pradesh due to its alliance with the ruling TDP and said they are canards spread.

“We are well aware of the adverse effects of Polavaram on Odisha. The BJP’s stand on the issue is clear from the beginning. To make the records straight, I must say that Polavaram was the major reasons for snapping ties with the TDP in AP,” he said.

This is a shocking revelation that the BJP led Central Government is keen on its electoral prospects in Odisha and has intentionally troubled Andhra Pradesh Government on Polavaram and forced TDP out of the NDA alliance. It is also known that BJP is refusing the Special Railway Zone also to protect its interests in Odisha.

A party calling itself a party with nationalistic agenda playing double games in various states according to the local agenda will do no good for the party going forward. The same leaders will come to Andhra Pradesh and say they are committed for the early completion of Polavaram Project. If this is not opportunistic politics, then what is?