Shocking ATM Revelation In The Indo-American Kidnap CaseWe recently reported the news of an Indo-American family getting kidnapped, including an 8-month-old baby.

The police of Merced have taken a person into custody in the Indo-American kidnap case which involved four victims. A person identified at an ATM point was taken into custody, though the police have maintained that the person in the ATM photo may not be the person who carried out the kidnapping.

The police approached the bank to obtain the correct photo, even though the family is still missing. Meanwhile, the person in custody attempted to commit suicide and is said to be in critical condition. In the morning hours of October 4, Merced County Sheriff detectives received information that one of the victim’s ATM cards was used at an ATM located at a bank in the city of Atwater.

The surveillance photos showed a man who looked similar to the man caught on camera at the victim’s business. The person taken into custody post ATM withdrawal was identified as Jesus Manuel Salgado. However, the family of four Indo-Americans hasn’t been traced as yet. The Merced County Sheriff’s office released the pictures of the suspect through a Facebook post. The person has been described as a light-complexioned male with a shaved head.

The spate of kidnappings across the US has become very worrisome for Indians. So they have to be very careful and follow some basic precautions like avoiding routine movements, not discussing family details with strangers, doing proper checks before employing workers, maintaining a moderate lifestyle, keeping emergency numbers, and being careful while revealing ATM and bank details in public.