Shocking: Airline Staff Ordered To Wear UnderwearPakistan International Airlines (PIA) has passed strict orders for its cabin crew to wear undergarments and dress up in proper attire. According to reports, the General Manager of PIA, Aamir Bashir, has criticized the dressing of the air hostesses and issued guidelines in this connection.

According to PIA, a negative image of the airlines is being portrayed with the suggestive attire of the cabin staff, which is eventually leaving a poor impression on the customers. PIA, which is operated under the Government of Pakistan for Aviation, has asked its staff to strictly adhere to the new notification.

Bashir instructed the airline crew to “dress properly” in formal plain clothes and wear “proper undergarments”. He added that the clothing worn by both genders should be in accordance with their national and cultural morals.

The grooming officers have been asked to monitor the cabin crew “at all times” and report back if there is any violation of the rules.