Large Rat Bites Kid Hyderabad McDonaldIn a shocking incident, a 8 year old kid was bitten by a large rat, reportedly the size of a puppy at a McDonald’s outlet in Hyderabad.

The shocker of an incident happened at a McDonald’s outlet in the Kompally area of Hyderabad.

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The rat was a foot long and it climbed up the 8 year old kid named Dwayne Henriques and but him in the groin area. His father, Savio Henriques had lodged a police complaint against the outlet and further investigation is underway now.

Reportedly, the boy screamed of pain while the rat was biting him and the father had to take evasive action as he had to pick the rat out and toss it away. The kid was then taken to the military hospital where he was administered anti-rabies injection.

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Savio pointed out that “if humans aren’t safe in a McDonald’s outlet then what will be the state of food here? We pay hefty money for the food here but the standards are being flouted here. If the foot long rat could come out and bite my son, then it could well access the food that is stored here”.

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