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USA – Death of Shiva -Donate & Support His Family

Shiva Inampudi Death in US Donate and Support His Family

On Dec 2nd our beloved friend ShivaChakradhar (Chakri) Inamapudi was taken way from his family and friends in a tragic accident on I-88 in Naperville, IL. Chakri leaves behind his wife Prathima, a devoted stay at home mom focused on raising their 12-year-old son Pranav.

Chakri took a taxi from airport and was about 20 mins away from his home when the accident happened. As per news reports, Taxi Chakri was in was hit by a car driving in the wrong direction on interstate 88 and had a head-on collision and Chakri lost his life at that moment.

Chakri’s parents and in-laws are notified and they are on their way to the US. Many in the community are helping Chakri’s family with immediate needs and moral support.

Everyone who knows Chakri would agree that he is one of the most friendly, caring person you would ever meet. Very spiritual, religious, helpful and always smiling.

In the midst of this tragedy, we need to come together to support the family. Please find it in your heart to donate any little amount you can and it will be a great help to the grieving family.

Donate Here:

Money collected will be directly going to his wife Prathima Inampudi, who is the beneficiary.

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