Shifting High Court Tougher Than Shifting The CapitalThe proposed Trifucation of the Capital has become the center of discussion in Andhra Pradesh for the last week or so. There are mixed opinions about this idea while a few people are divided on Region lines about this issue. However, Political and Legal Experts say that Shifting High Court Tougher Than Shifting The Capital.

“Shifting of Capital is a subject of the State Governments in a way but the Shifting of the High Court is totally a different subject. The State can not decide to shift the high court. For that to happen, the mandate of all High Court Judges, Supreme Court Collegium, Union Government is necessary,” they say.

“Even if one among these says No, it is No. This is for this very reason the bifurcation of the High Court between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana did not happen for around four years or so even though the state is divided. Even when the Center is ready to divide, the decision of the courts prevailed back then,” they add.

“However, it is easy to have a bench of the High Court in Kurnool or any area. But that will be of very little use in the name of Decentralization or something. So, even if the dispute between Amaravati and Vishakapatnam is resolved, the High Court issue will linger for some more time,” they conclude.