YS Sharmila 108 Ambulance ServieIt is known that YSRTP chief YS Sharmila is doing a walkathon all over Telangana in the name of Praja Prasthanam. As part of this, they are staying at a camp near Marriguda today. A bike accident had happened near the camp. The two bikes collided with each other.

Two people fell on the road with injuries. The matter came to the attention of Sharmila. She immediately called 108 Ambulance himself. However, the ambulance did not arrive even after half an hour. She sent the injured to a nearby hospital using the ambulance in her convoy. The condition of the wounded is currently stable.

Speaking to the media, she strongly criticized the mishandling of the crucial 108 services in the state. But then, people on social media are criticizing this as a political stunt. “108 is a visionary scheme by Late YSR but it reeking neglect now. KCR should immediately buckle up and strengthen the services to help the poor,” she demanded.

“The incident only shows her eagerness to expose KCR Government. Of course, the Government is wrong but she should have sent them in her ambulance first without waiting half an hour to expose Government,” they criticize.