Sharmila's Indirect Warning To JaganAnyone who has been following the Telugu states politics will be aware of the fact that all is not well between AP CM YS Jagan and his sister Sharmila. In her recent media interaction, Sharmila was asked if she would enter AP politics and she replied “Anything is possible”.

Now, Sharmila made an even more aggressive comment in this context.

When asked if she would float a political party in AP, Sharmila replied “Anything is possible anytime in politics. It is foolish if those in power think they would remain in power forever. Those not in power can never come to power, if they feel they can’t.”

Whatever might be the reason, Sharmila appears to have given an indirect warning to Jagan by saying it is foolish to think those in power can stay in power forever.

While Sharmila continues to focus on Telangana politics, she is hinting that she might actually be turning active in Andhra Pradesh politics as well.