Sharmila Tries To Corner KCR with Her Strong Plank?When YS Sharmila makes her party official, she may be the only woman to found a political party and lead it not only in the history of Telangana but also in the entire country. She is heavily banking on the ‘Women’ plank to succeed in Telangana politics.

In Women’s day celebrations today, she came down heavily on TRS Government. “It took more than five years for a single woman to get a place in Telangana cabinet while women played a crucial part in the separate state agitation. Even now, we had just two women become ministers in the history of Telangana,” she said.

“There is discrimination everywhere for women. It starts right in our homes and it goes all the way even to politics. Many women became ministers during YSR Regime. We will together bring those golden days. There should be a quota for women,” she demanded.

“I as your sister will stand by you. I will fight for your rights. Together we will show the women’s power,” she added. It looks like Sharmila is heavily banking on the women’s plank. It has to be seen if that works out for her. KCR has often come under criticism for not giving women a cabinet berth in his entire first term. Sharmila is targeting that now.