Sharmila Careful About Not Committing That Common MistakeYS Sharmila is head to heels over her new party in Telangana. The party registration is underway and the party name will be announced sometime in April. A high court lawyer close to the Late YSR family is overseeing the party registration works.

She is touring the districts until then meeting YSR supporters to know the ground reality. On the other side, it is reliably learned that Sharmila is planning to start a Padyatra across the state from November. It will be nearly 30 months left for the Assembly elections in the state.

The plan is to replicate Jagan’s Andhra Pradesh model in Telangana as well in a bid to come to power in the next election. Sharmila took up Padayatra when Jagan was in jail before the 2014 elections. He majorly walked through various districts of Telangana.

Mangalagiri MLA, Alla Ramakrishna Reddy met Jagan and Brother Anil the other day at their Lotus Pond Residence in Hyderabad. There were speculations that he carried Jagan’s message.