Sharmila Arrogant or Intelligent?YS Sharmila invited former minister Etela Rajender into her party but that has been in questionable style. She said that they are ready to invite Etela into the party provided he is ready to join. Speaking to the party leaders at Lotus Pond on Wednesday, she said Etela is joining BJP fearing cases.

She went on to say it is common to file cases against those who came out of the TRS and it is also common to join the BJP fearing cases. “We will invite him into the party if he is ready to come. As of now, there has been no discussion in the party about his joining,” she said.

Even as she said the party would invite Etela, all the other statements she made is insulting to the former Minister. “It is either arrogance or intelligence. The statement itself says why it sounds arrogant. It is not how you invite someone into the party. Or she is trying to be intelligent since Etela would anyways not join her party,” political experts say.

“She may have intelligently portrayed as if they do not care for Etela since he is not joining their party anyways. If Etela sent such a feeler of interest, she would have gone herself and invited him into the party,” they add. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Sharmila is seeking the table fan as her party symbol.