Shame! Police Complaint Against Jagan GovernmentIn what can be termed as a bizarre development, government employees in Andhra Pradesh are gearing up to file a police complaint against the state government.

Employees’ union leader Suryanarayana said the money was debited from the GPF accounts of government employees and officials working in various districts of Andhra Pradesh.

There were messages last night that cash had been withdrawn from employees’ accounts. He claimed there was a withdrawal of Rs 83,000 from his personal account.

“We do not know who took the money. PRC DA arrears are credited to GPF accounts and DA arrears given for the past 6 months were withdrawn again,” he said.

A similar incident has happened in the past. After filing a complaint, the amount was credited back to the accounts.

Up to Rs 800 crore was withdrawn from the GPF accounts of a total of 90,000 employees.

Finance department officials were not available to give a complaint.

The cash-strapped Jagan Government has been doing such tricks for temporary adjustment of money.

It is a shame for the government to have a police complaint filed by its own employees.