sexist-attack-on-recently-elected-female-mla-angurlata-dekaAngurlata Deka is a recently elected MLA from BJP ticket in Assam. What is people’s opinion on her win? Some people who are sick and can never come out of shaming women are saying that her beauty is the reason behind her victory in the recently concluded Assembly elections in Assam.

Why is she targeted? Because she was a popular model and actress before she became an active politician and contested in elections. Some sick minds are circulating her pictures from her modelling and acting days and making sexist comments on the newly elected people’s representative.

Though the MLA’s promises are worth mentioning and she needs to be questioned on how she is going to fulfil the poll promises, these sexist minds aren’t interested to know. Instead they are trying to work out comedy and vulgarity using her pictures and posting them on social media sites. Cheap minds which could never grow!