While the decision of settlers become crucial in Telangana region, they seem to have similar strength in the Urbane areas of Seema Andhra. Out of the 7.5 Lakh voters in Vijayawada, at least 2 Lakh people have come to the city from other parts of the state. People from Vysyas, Yadavs, Reddys and Kamma communities from the South (from Prakasam and Guntur districts) and Nagaralu, Thurrpu kapus, Vettirajus and Munirajus communities from Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts migrated to Vijayawada in search of livelihood.

They settled down several years ago in the city and are well settled now with their families. Congress used to enjoy a big support from these immigrants but with the state bifurcation issue, the party lost its hold and it is interesting to see who will be able to garner the support from this people. As they have the power to influence the fate of parties in Vijayawada MP and three MLA constituencies under it, all the parties are trying their might to impress them some how.