Kodali - NaniCivil Supplies Minister Kodali Nani has come under attack all of a sudden with the Casino controversy in Gudivada. The usually aggressive Nani has fallen into defence after he was caught red-handed.

There are rumors that this controversy may cost Nani’s cabinet Berth in the upcoming expansion. On the other hand, there are some expectations that Nani who won four consecutive elections may face defeat this time for being over Abusive and uncontrolled under the influence of Power.

We do not know if that happens, but there is a sentiment that will go against Nani when he faces the election in 2024. There is a sentiment in AP Politics that any leaded who becomes a Minister from Krishna district will lose in the next election.

It has become true for many decades and very recently, the Irrigation Minister in Chandrababu Naidu’s regime, Devine Uma also lost the election. We will have to see if Kodali Nani’s electoral juggernaut will be stopped with this sentiment.