Telangana sentiment is ruling the roost in the upcoming election in almost all the constituencies of the region but the sentiment is not at all an issue in Malkajgiri, one of the biggest constituencies in the country. The constituency boasts of huge presence of settlers not only from Seema Andhra but also the other parts of the country. In fact, Malkajgiri is the only constituency in Telangana where Seemandhra people match the number of their Telangana counterparts across these seven assembly segments under it.

Interestingly the sentiment is not an issue with local Telanganites too. From auto drivers to real estate owners, no one are keen for separation as it would affect their businesses.

All the political parties have fielded candidates more on developmental issues than the sentiment. Even the Telangana movement crussader TRS too has played down the statehood issue in Malkajgiri and had batted for other issues.