Mudragada PadmanabhamAndhra Pradesh government had finally taken a very sensible decision. The local police have imposed strict restrictions on media coverage at Mudragada’s house to make sure people do not get instigated unnecessarily and create law and order problems. The other day, when Mudragada was refusing to get down Police van, media coverage just stirred the issue.

A reporter of a News Channel was standing the van and is giving live coverage. He is also taking the interviews of those in the van and those who are sitting on the way of the van. They telecasted the emotional comments of the people there and such situations could easily create law and order issues.

Mobile networks are also made down in the area so that rumours are not spread. 3000 Police men were deployed in Kirlampudi, the village of Mudhragada. Additional forces were deployed in East Godavari district so as to avoid any untoward incident. As many as 76 cases were registered in relation to Tuni Violence and Mudhragada is A-1 in majority of those cases.