Senior Journalist From Sakshi Makes A Veiled Threat to Lokesh?A Senior Journalist who is known for his anti-TDP stance landed in Sakshi a couple of years ago and happily continued his propaganda. The journalist seems to be very disturbed by the fact that Lokesh suddenly changed his Tweets style and is going aggressive on the Ruling Party.

TDP fans allege that the concerned Journalist wrote a threatening article saying that Lokesh may drag Chandrababu into trouble with aggressiveness. While YSR Congress leaders used all sorts of name calling when they are in the Opposition, this Journalist is of the opinion that Lokesh is not showing respect to Jagan who is elected by the People.

This is if Chandrababu Naidu is not elected by the people in 2014. The journalist is reportedly hurt as Lokesh referred Jagan as A1 and Vijaya Sai Reddy as A2. He added that this name-calling of the Chief Minister indicates Lokesh’s lack of Political Awareness.

TDP fans ask if this person is okay when a minister calls Lokesh as Pappu in the Assembly.