velagapudi-secretariat-advantages-benefits-plus-minusAndhra Pradesh administration shift from Hyderabad to Velagapudi has suddenly brought in a new change in the Senior Babus. Secretaries and other senior officials are giving importance to court cases, Assembly committee meetings and others held at Hyderabad, attending them personally like never before in the past. Earlier they used to send junior officers to these.

But now the Senior Babus are attending them especially if they fall on Friday. This is not any work dedication but a ploy to spend three days in Hyderabad with their families. They reach Hyderabad on Thursday night and leave for Amaravati on Monday morning. In the past, Assembly committees always complained that secretaries were not attending the meetings.

And now suddenly there is a change. While shifting the Secretariat departments from Hyderabad to the interim secretariat in Velgapudi, the state government has kept skeletal staff in each department to look after court cases, administrative tribunal cases and others. Even then Babus are coming all the way from Velgapudi for obvious reasons.