Self Troll: YCP Wants Bharat Ratna for NTRThe YCP government’s decision to rename the NTR University after YSR has resulted in public backlash. In view of the negativity, YCP has resorted to defence mechanism.

Pro YCP media has started publishing wild rumors, saying YS Jagan is recommending Sr NTR’s name for the Bharat Ratna award. They are reporting that Jagan is even speaking with the central government regarding the same.

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But these wild speculations are turning out to be self trolls on Jagan.

“If Jagan had so much respect for Sr NTR, why would he change the name of the prestigious NTR university? This Bharat Ratna for NTR news propagated by the YCP media doesn’t make any sense. The Jagan party hadn’t even recommended YSR’s name till now, why would they recommend NTR’s?” A netizen commented.

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The YCP government has fallen on the defence after the renaming fiasco and their cover up acts aren’t proving to be fruitful either.