Self-Goal-in-Revanth-Reddy's-Case-Cost-TRS-DearlyCongress party has scored the brownie point with the people after the Early Morning arrest of their working president Revanth Reddy. The Working President of the main opposition party was dragged from his bedroom at 3 am in the morning and was taken to an unknown location. TRS tried to hide behind the election commission saying that it was the decision of the EC and was taken because Revanth Reddy was trying to obstruct the free campaign right of KCR.

Many were not convinced but some people bought the argument until the Hyderabad High Court intervened. The court found fault with the Police for their over enthusiasm and ordered the immediate release of Revanth Reddy. Election Commission intervened and transferred Vikarabad SP Annapurna for this issue. It is now crystal clear that the police acted at the behest of the ruling party in this case to Appease the chief minister.

If the police had followed the rules, the court would not have intervened and called the DGP to the court. Further, the election commission would not have punished the SP. TRS’ clear misuse of power is quite evident and for the voters to see. Lagadapati Rajagopal mentioned about it in his press meet and said he warned KTR against the arrest of opposition leaders which will only backfire during the elections. TRS tried to trouble with ED and IT raids on himself and his supporters right from the start but it only created Sympathy for him in the people and his stature increased before the party high command.

If at all TRS loses this election as like the prediction of Lagadapati Rajagopal, probably TRS will have to be blamed itself for some self-goals it has scored after dissolving the Assembly. TRS is right up there to win the election comfortably when the Assembly was dissolved. Moreover, the opposition is totally unprepared. It will be a sensation if the election ends up in the favor of Congress led Mahakutami.