Seema Andhra back on roads once again!

With Cabinet clearing the Telangana note suggesting the 10 districts Telangana state proposal, life in Seema Andhra region are paralyzed very badly. Worried people are once again back to roads agitating this decision. YSR Congress had called for 24 hours bandh in the region and the major opposition party in the state, Telugu Desam Party called for 48 hours bandh in the region. Exams were postponed and all the shops, schools, colleges remained closed.

Buses remained in depots while Trains are being run normally with Police protection. APNGOs are also participating in this bandh. On the other side, Congress MLAs and MPs including Chief Minister will be meeting this evening and are reportedly taking a decision in ‘people’s way’. We will have to wait for the next 2 days to see how this agitations pan out.