ys jagan blue mediaThe other day, Sakshi and a section of Blue media published a report on India Today’s Mood of the Nation opinion poll of December saying Jagan Mohan Reddy is coming back to power with a superb majority. The report is a fine example of how the media is trying to hoodwink the people.

There are two polls in this survey – the one voted by the people of Home State and another by the people of all the states. It is a layman’s guess that the one voted by the people of the Home state is more important. Jagan is not even in Top-9 in the list which should be a danger light.

In the poll where people across the country voted, Jagan gets the sixth rank. Jagan’s popularity has decreased from 6% (December) to 3.3% in this poll as well. Blue Media publishes this poll to highlight Jagan but the voters do not count as they do not vote in AP. Or unless Jagan has national ambitions. At best, it is good marketing outside Andhra Pradesh.

One more blatant lie in this media report is that it says the opinion poll gives 25 seats to others. The survey has given Zero seats to both NDA and UPA. Sakshi intelligently pushed this 25 seats into Jagan’s account. But the truth is that YSR Congress and TDP are in the ‘others’ category because they are neither in NDA nor in UPA.

At best, the survey says Janasena, a partner in NDA is not going to open its account in the Parliament Elections. An Opinion poll that has nothing to cheer about has been twisted in a way to hoodwink not only the people but also the YSR Congress supporters.