chenoy trade centerThis is an achievement may be not in good taste for those who feel proud of Hyderabad being a major IT destination in the country. Secunderabad, the twin city of Hyderabad is fast turning in to a hub of software piracy. The Chenoy Trade Center in Secunderabad is featured in the list of notorious software piracy hubs across the globe identified by the United States Trade Representative (USTR).

The CTC hosts a large number of shops that sell computer software and hardware which infringes the copyrights of several software majors across the World. Almost all software products are easily available here at very cheap price with most popular pirated products being operating systems, games, anti-virus programmes and DVDs and CDs containing copyright-infringing material.

A little while from CTC is the Hongkong Bazaar which deals with the mobile software. The bazaar has every thing available to break in to the locked phone smuggled illegally in to the country. Hongkong Bazaar is also listed on the list of notorious piracy hubs complied by the United States Trade Representative (USTR).