Section 8 makes a comeback to Telugu States!The controversial Section 8 in Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act which gives the law and order responsibility in the common capital to the Governor is back again. Andhra Pradesh Assembly today passed a motion demanding the implementation of various promises made to the state during the bifurcation.

The motion will be adopted by the house and will be sent to the center. The motion demands Special Status, bridging of revenue deficit, funds to Amaravathi, Special Package to backward districts, Vishakapatnam railway zone, increase of Assembly seats, Steel factory in Kadapa, Section 8 implementation, proper division of institutions in Section 9 and 10 and all the promises made in the act and parliament.

Telugu Desam Party demanding Section 8 after Cash for Vote and Phone Tapping Controversies. Slowly the demand disappeared and now it came back all of sudden. This demand is likely to reopen old wounds between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Lets see where this goes!