Secretariat building divided for AP and TG

Government had finished all the formalities in dividing the buildings of the Andhra Pradesh Secretariat. According to the division, South H, North H, K,J,L blocks will be allotted to the New Andhra Pradesh government. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s office will be present in the 8th floor of the L block building. A,B,C,D blocks will be allotted to Telangana government.

The sixth floor of the C block building will have Telangana Chief Minister’s Chamber. Telangana Chief Secretary will have his office in the third floors of the same building. It is known that Hyderabad will be common capital for both the states for a period of 10 years. During 10 years, resources in Hyderabad will be used by both the state governments till the new capital of Seema Andhra is ready to host all administration of its government. After the 10 years time frame, all the resources in Hyderabad will belong to Telangana state government.