Secret Report On AP Theaters Reaches JaganThe Andhra Pradesh High Court has recently ruled that the government should not interfere in the pricing of movie tickets. The Government has complicated it approaching the division bench. On the other side, the government is bringing new headaches to the theater owners.

The Revenue Department has been conducting raids on cinema theaters for the past few days, making movie theater owners sleepless. Authorities have been carrying out inspections in several places like Guntur, Chittoor, East Godavari, and Nellore.

The number of shows screened each day in the theaters, the ticket prices, the maintenance of the toilets, the prices in the canteen, the quality of the food products sold, and the parking fees are being examined. Also, they are checking if the maintenance is in order.

Authorities are also looking into whether there are CCTV cameras on the theater premises and whether electricity bills are being paid on time. The Revenue Department is collecting all the data and is sending it to the joint collectors. The Joint Collectors then compile the reports of all the districts and submit them to the Government.

We have to see what the government does to the theaters that violate the rules. All in all these sudden raids have become a new headache for movie theater owners.