chandrababu naidu secret GOs andhra pradeshOpposition parties in AP are barely getting any issues to corner Andhra Pradesh government and are desperate to create some issue by hook or crook. The latest allegation of them is about 800 secret G.O.s given by Chandrababu Naidu government.

They allege that these secret G.O.s are to benefit the state government’s men and industrialists plundering public wealth. But this allegation seem to far from truth. Governments will have the provision of hiding G.O.s which are related to internal security and those related to investments of the state.

Normally the G.O.s regarding the concessions offered to the investors are thrown open to public. But there is an intense competition between the states in wooing the investors, so as to avoid the cat race, all the state governments are keep their offerings to investors under wraps. Mudslinging on government in this issue will only equals to hindering the development of the state.