Secret Chambers Full Of Money In Idupulapaya: Pawan KalyanJanasena President Pawan Kalyan has started his fiery speech at the Republic event last night by taking a hit on the media. He started his speech – like the media is too focused on telecasting silly news about Sai Dharam Tej‘s accident when they ignore important issues.

He questioned why the media is not questioning YS Viveka’s murder, Kodi Kathi Episode, and several other burning issues pertaining to the state and the people. During this, he also mentioned that are secret chambers full of money in the Idupulapaya estate.

“You do not question about the money buried deep in the secret chambers of Idupulapaya estate. Several Top police officers told me about it. You should ask questions like that,” Pawan Kalyan said. Idupulapaya estate is spreading in 100s of acres and is owned by the YSR family.

Even YSR’s Ghat is present in the same estate. We will see ministers and YSR Congress leaders lambasting Pawan Kalyan today. It has to be seen if anyone of them will make a statement on this allegation.