JanaSena_TDP_Alliance_Seat_SharingPawan Kalyan hinted about an alliance with TDP a few months ago. But there is no official commitment. Both sides are indulging in talks to decide on seat sharing. It will be official only after they arrive at a conclusion.

Reports are that Janasena is seeking 40 MLA and 7 MP seats in the alliance while TDP’s number is around 25-30 MLAs and 4 MP seats. Also, there is a problem in a few seats where both parties have strong candidates.

For example, Janasena is keen on having Vishakapatnam parliament if JD Lakshminarayana comes back to the party. But Balakrishna’s son-in-law, Bharath is also expecting the same seat.

Bharath lost the election by a slender margin in 2019 and surveys predict he is an easy win this time.

Janasena also wants Narasapuram and Eluru parliament seats. But then, TDP is not keen on leaving the same district’s Parliament seats. TDP may also want Narasapuram for Raghu Rama Krishna Raju.

Similar problems exist between both parties in several assembly seats.

Meanwhile, TDP is busy announcing candidates. Chandrababu already confirmed seats to 19 sitting MLAs. He announced twelve candidates so far in his district tours. Lokesh already announced five candidates in his Padayatra taking the total to thirty-six.