Save AP From Debts: PK To Jagan!Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan breathed fire once again on Jagan‘s YSRC-led Andhra Pradesh government. Pawan Kalyan took to his Twitter handle and made some crushing comments on the way YSRCP is mishandling Andhra Pradesh.

Pawan said, “Instead of concentrating on alliances that are nowhere to be seen yet and sending MLAs door-to-door to advertise their disastrous policies, the YSRCP should take proper measures on curbing the huge debts made by their government in the name of development. Or else, in no time, Andhra Pradesh might turn into another Sri Lanka.”

YSR government has been targetting Pawan Kalyan for a long time, that TDP and Janasena would make their unofficial alliance public. They put allegations on Pawan that his only aim is to bring TDP, BJP, and Janasena under one roof to fight the 2024 election against Jagan.

They said that Janasena’s agenda was to help Chandrababu Naidu, and they could care less about the welfare of the AP public.

Pawan Kalyan’s latest post on social media was a direct attack on YSRCP in reference to those allegations.