Koneti Adimulam Satyavedu constituency of the erstwhile Chittoor district faced four elections and TDP won two of them. Congress won in the 2004 elections while YSR Congress won in 2019. TDP won two consecutive elections in 2009 and 2014.

TDP is being plagued by Group politics in this constituency. But Chandrababu Naidu did a wise thing to announce the candidate well in advance and as a result, the cadre and the groups are slowly falling in place.

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Former MLA H Hemalatha’s daughter, Helen is announced as the candidate here.

In 2019, YSR Congress‘ candidate, Koneti Adimulam won the seat with a thumping majority of around 45,000 votes. He was the YSRCP candidate in the 2014 election as well and lost with a margin of 4K votes. The sympathy combined with Jagan’s wave helped his victory in 2019.

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However, the scene changed immediately after the election. There is severe anti-incumbency on Adimulam in the constituency due to lack of availability. Even the cadre and local leaders are not happy with the candidate.

Buzz in the constituency is that Adimulam will be changed for sure in 2024.

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Jagan is having multiple options for Satyavedu. But the cadre hopes to get the announcement soon. So that the new candidate will get enough time to work on the ground.