Sasikala Natarajan's Midnight Stunt When Jaya DiedWho decided on Panneerselvam to become the Chief Minister after Jayalalithaa? When was it decided? Who approved it? Got these questions in mind? The major role played in all the above decisions was one Woman Sasikala Natarajan as per reports. Before the death of Jaya, while she was still on ECMO, and the hospital released the health bulletin that her condition was very critical, Sasikala was the one who questioned the status of Amma’s existence and asked Central government to take over the responsibility and shift her to foreign for better treatment and was the one who was there in all the after works done for Jayalalithaa.

As reported by a popular English Tabloid, one of the members of the party said that, after it was known that Jaya is on ECMO, Sasikala called up for a quick meeting at the basement of Apollo and had taken signatures of the party members on blank paper which had no information on how their signature are going to be used.

Also, the message that Jayalalithaa passed away was sent to the specific party members of AIADMK far earlier than the new was announced to the public, later which all the party members were asked to gather for another meeting at the party office. Before the news of Jaya’s death was announced by the hospital, at 11 PM, the party announced the next Chief Minister to be Panneerselvam after which a confirmation was given by hospital regarding the death of Jayalalithaa.

Looking at the above instances, it looks like, Sasikala was the one who was behind all the decisions taken by the party with the demise of the Chief Minister.