ex MP Rajaiah daughter-in-law sarika murderThe postmortem report of former MP Rajaiah’s daughter-in-law, Sarika and his grandson were not that conclusive. According to the report, Sarika and the kids are in the flames for about half an hour. The doctors could not confirm if the fire was caused by a gas leak or any other fuel or chemical.

The cloths of the victims were sent to Forensic Lab for determining them. There were allegations of poisoning and so the food remains in the house were also sent to FSL. The bodies are exposed to severe heat that the bodies are being reduced to ashes when touched.

Police have also taken Sarika’s mobile phone in to their custody. The phone was left in the other room. The phone was locked with a pattern which was sent to FSL for unlocking. The call records can be a valuable evidence the police feel. On the other side, Rajaiah, his wife Madhavi and son Anil are given to 14 days custody.