Saree Fights in Telangana Batukamma Sarees Distribution Go Viral!Have you got these videos yet on your social media accounts? If not check these here. The videos are going viral on the social media for the Telangana women fighting for the Batukamma sarees distributed by the Telangana government on account of the popular festival of the state.

The video though is a serious fight between women, it is actually funny to watch (no offense). They are already viral with people making hilarious comments on the same. As you see, the women are fighting pulling off each other’s hairs and punching each other hard. First, a woman constable tried to tackle the situation but in vain. She just left them to fight more and vanished.

On the other side, women started to protest against KCR for distributing cheap sarees for such the prominent festival. They say that the saree wouldn’t even cost a hundred and the officials have made them fools with this program. ”Not even a beggar would wear this and they made us stand in queue for hours”, yelled an angry woman.