Salur: Deputy CM Facing Resistance In Own PartySalur MLA Peedika Rajanna Dora became Deputy Chief Minister in the recent cabinet expansion after Jagan gave importance to caste calculations.

Rajanna Dora is in politics for many years but could not get grip on the constituency which is on the AP – Odisha border. He has become a dummy even after becoming the Deputy CM.

Rajanna Dora has lost complete grip on the constituency including political issues, nominated posts, and even routine developmental activities.

YSR Congress cadre and leaders are detesting Rajanna Dora’s incapability and are demanding that he should be changed in the coming election.

Salur is an ST constituency in the Manyam district. Most of the areas are mostly Tribal areas without basic needs like proper roads and drinking water. Rajanna Dora could not even attend them.

Rajanna Dora is the MLA of Salur since 2009. In 2009, he won on the INC ticket and two times later on the YSR Congress ticket. In Jagan’s wave in 2019, he won with 20K votes majority.